Our Range of Steel Roofing Materials

roof leak repair auckland roofingCUSTOM ORB

Offers timeless elegance and matchless adaptability of the traditional corrugated profile. It is suitable for most roofs above 8” pitch and is an excellent replacement profile for the older style house, but still looks great.

The Custom Orb Steel Roofing Material is one of those timeless roofing products found in a large majority of homes and other buildings. The Custom Orb is highly adaptable to any style and fits right in, whether you are building a residential, commercial or industrial building.

There is a wide range of choice and it can be sprung curved to a minimum of 9 metres radius as well as roll curved to a minimum of 400 mm radius.

Custom Orb roofing materials can be used for a wide variety of applications from basic roofing to building cladding. Depending on the grade, thickness and materials used, the Custom Orb is considered one of the most highly customisable and versatile roofing products in the market today.

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auckland roofing materialsTRIMLINE

Has six bold ribs making it an exceptionally attractive and high performing roofing and cladding profile – suitable also for low pitch roofing. The Trimline Roofing Material has a reputation for being one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing roofing products on the market today.

Known for its inherent strength and wide variety of uses, its not uncommon to see Trimline Roofs in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Trimline’s inherent strength comes from the extra rib that gives it its distinctive look and rigidity. Despite that, it can be curved to a convex radii of 24 metres or crimped as desired. This is highly dependent on the grade, thickness and materials used to build the product.

Trimline comes painted or unpainted depending on your specifications, so you can match the existing decor of your home or building.

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commercial roofing aucklandST 900

Has medium height ribs if 38mm, giving a bolder look for residential applications and enhanced strength for commercial and industrial work. Where larger spans or greater robustness is required, the higher-ribbed trapezoidals make their mark.

The ST 900 Roofing Material is easily distinguished compared to similar looking roofing products by its bolder outline.  This is thanks to a subtle swage pan that doubles as a stiffener while at the same time minimising the silhouette cast by the canning and purlin line markings.

Although a preferred roofing material for commercial and industrial buildings, it is equally at home on residential structures or buildings.

The ST 900 comes in various grades, thicknesses and materials and has a minimum thickness of 38mm. It also comes plain or pre-painted so you can match existing building decor.

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auckland steel roofing


Manufacturing from High Tensile Steel gives this product excellent performance capabilities. Trough section profiles are designed to meet a variety of needs from low pitch and long lengths to steep pitches where the clean lines are enhanced by the secret fixings.

The Hi Rib Roofing Material is great for areas with heavy rain as its 95 mm rib height offers maximum water drain off.  The higher rib also adds extra strength for longer roofing spans. This makes it the perfect candidate to handle Auckland’s heaviest downpours.

This is ideal for industrial buildings although it wouldn’t look too out of place on residential homes. It can be shaped accordingly to fit your needs.

The ability to be stretched over longer spans also lends itself to maximum cost savings and cost efficiencies for your projects. The Hi Rib Roofing Product strength varies based on materials used in its production.

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