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When property owners spot a watermark on their ceilings they naturally think a new roof may be required. As a roof is a major investment you will want to be sure of its condition, a roof repair is obviously more pocket-friendly than a roof replacement. Obviously, the best way to get a proper diagnosis is to call in one of our professional roofers but, here are a few tell-tell signs you can look out for yourself.

Why Keeping an Eye on your Property’s Roof is Essential

Your property’s roof has a massive role to play in keeping the property itself safe, secure, and watertight. To this end, it’s crucial you give the roof itself the TLC it deserves – and there are a few notable reasons for this.

Indeed, knowing when to get professional roof repair services for your Auckland, New Zealand property is vital. Luckily, this is something we can help with, so get in touch with us today if you need to find out more about getting your property’s roof fixed up.


The most obvious reason why keeping your property’s roofing in top condition is important is for the fact that this can prevent damage. If the roof should begin to leak, water could end up getting into your home or commercial property – which, in turn, can have numerous negative consequences overall. This could result in your property’s walls getting damp and the property’s overall construction becoming less sturdy. And do we really need to explain why a damp, crumbling, and weak wall isn’t good for your beloved family home? What’s more, that’s before even considering the danger posed if water should get into the electrical supply for your home!

Cost Effectiveness

If you don’t give your roof regular maintenance and inspections, you might find that the final roof repair bill when something goes wrong is far higher than you expected! Keep on top of your property’s roof maintenance if possible, and this will help you get the best value-for-money from your roof without any nasty surprises!


Finally, let’s face it – no one likes a leaking roof. A bucket under the leak might do in a pinch, no one wants to live this way. So, keeping your property’s roof in the top condition can help you improve your overall quality of life and happiness. Don’t suffer with a cold, leaking roof; get professional roof inspection support instead from a team such as ours here at Shamrock Roofing!

Things to Watch For

Keeping your property’s roof in top condition is naturally an important goal – however, how can you tell when your roof might need replacing or repairing? Well, there are a few signs you might want to be aware of that could indicate the time has come to invest in professional roof repair or replacement services for your New Zealand home.

Don’t neglect any of these, as failing to keep your roof in top condition could have consequences in the long run for the overall safety of your home. Plus, leaving your roof in poor condition for too long will also make the replacement job more difficult than it was before – so, regular roof repair and maintenance can help you keep it working at its best and keeping everyone comfortable for as long as possible.

Roof Age

A normal roof will last around 20 – 25 years, if it’s older than that you may want to get the entire structure replaced in order to prevent continuous call-outs as each part of the roof deteriorates. Remember, it’s not just the tiles or shingles, it’s the wooden supports, any waterproofing, chimney flashing and felt as well.

Roof Valleys

Where two sections of the roof meet there may be a ridge or a valley. These areas of the roof are normally the first to show signs of age or wear and tear and where the leaks normally show up. Look for missing or dropped shingles.

Chimney Flashing

If your chimney flashing is made up of cement or tar it can degrade over time and you may need to get it replaced with a watertight fitting, normally these are made of metal.

Granules In Your Gutters

As shingles get older they lose more of their surface granules which can lead to leaks, check your roof gutter for these granules or look at the roof and try to spot tiles with dark spots as this is a tell-tell sign of wear and tear.

Get In The Attic

If you can see daylight through the roof boards then its a sign of age, the same applies if you feel the roof is “spongy” when you walk on it. If the boards are sagging then the shingles won’t fit as they should and it’s time to call in Shamrock Roofing for a no-obligation quote.

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A lot of expensive roof repair costs, as well as collateral property damage, can be avoided with regular roof inspections and maintenance. If you can stop the water getting into your home rather than deal with the aftermath then it’s certainly a lot less hassle and expense to deal with. From once a year for peace-of-mind to every three years is the recommended time between roof inspections, prevention is better than cure after all.

If you have any questions about roof repairs or maintenance, please talk to Shamrock Roofing. We are always happy to help.