Re Roofing Services And Roof Replacement Auckland

Why Get Re-roofing Services?

An old roof brings new problems every day.

The most obvious reason why you would want to reroof is if you have an old roof that’s in a state of disrepair. In this case, a new roof is usually the best, most cost effective solution for the homeowner or landlord.

Your roof takes the brunt of the abuse brought about by the elements. And we all know how fickle Auckland weather can be!  Your roof is basically the first line of defense for your home, along with the walls. UV damage from NZ’s harsh sun, water damage, you name it, your roof is exposed to it all, over time leading to damage, leaks and potentially worse.  And if you don’t look after your roof, you can be sure that other home repairs are bound to be needed.

Reroofing comes at a cost. But in most cases, it’s not as much as what you’d expect as you will over need a small repair vs a completely new roof. Overlaying a section over your existing roof can be more cost-effective than a complete tear off.

Reroofing is also done for houses that have recently undergone an upgrade or an extension. To adapt to the new layout, a new roof section is simply put in place. This is especially true for homes that still have a fairly intact main roof.

Now, all of those mentioned above are good reasons to re-roof your home.

Surprisingly, the main reason why people use our re-roofing services is simply to make their roof to look better. It’s all about aesthetics. A great looking roof makes your house more attractive and raises its property value.

Why Hire Shamrock Roofing?

We are the Auckland Roofing Services expert. Our tenure in the industry has given us priceless knowledge on what works for each area we operate in.

Although we are a small company, we operate in a big way. With us, you get more roof for less money! You also deal directly with the owner who supervises the entire operation to ensure 100% guaranteed high quality workmanship.

We strictly adhere to the NZ health and safety regulations and our clean safety track record speaks for itself.

We offer a wide range of options and products.  We’ll present all the options and make a recommendation during our initial assessment and you can then choose which roofing product works best for you.

Contact us for a quote today. No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us.

As our name implies, reroofing is our speciality. Whether your old roof is falling apart or you simply just want a cost effective way to improve the look and value of your home, our contractors have you covered.


Shamrock Roofing provides:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Leaks
  • Residential Roofing
  • Residential Roof Repairs
  • Re-Roofing
  • Replacement Roofing
  • Longrun Coloursteel Roofing
  • Gutters & Downpipes
  • Fascia & Spouting
  • Corrugated Iron Roofs
  • Corrugated Iron Roof Repairs
  • Leak Repairs
  • Box gutters

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