Need to Re-Roof Your Auckland Home?

At Shamrock Roofing Ltd we service the wider Auckland Area for all your Roofing requirements.
Our new roofing options range extensively as we have a wide selection of materials.
No matter the size or shape of your new home, we are able to supply you with a roof that will meet all your requirements.

Shamrock Roofing provides:


  • Roof replacement with Long Run COLORSTEEL®
  • Corrugated iron roofing replacement
  • New Roof installation
  • Repair roof leaks
New Roofing By Auckland Roofing

Getting a new roof is definitely an expensive investment. It’s worth doing through because the effect on your building’s value is priceless.

Your roof is one of the most visible aspects of your permanent structure. Raising its aesthetic appeal makes even the most simple house look amazing.  It also ensures your property is watertight, essential for both comfort and insurance purposes.

We understand this.

We are, after all, the Auckland Roofing Services expert. Our tenure in the industry has given us priceless knowledge on what works for each area we operate in. We also have a clear idea of how much the operation is going to cost, how long before its completion and its positive lasting effects on your home, commercial or industrial building.


We specialize in roofing services including putting in place new roofing materials to upgrade your building’s aesthetic value and curb appeal.

Raising your good looks isn’t just the main reason why we do this though. So here are 5 signs you might need a new roof:

  • Leaking

The clearest indication that you have a roof related problem is a leak. Left alone for far too long, a small leak can wreak havoc on a large ceiling area in your home.

It can also cause unsightly water stains and paint peeling which have proven to be major factors in any structure’s devaluation when an assessor comes to inspect.


  • Mold or Mildew Growth

Although closely related to the first sign of roof problems, mold or mildew growth inside your home is not necessarily caused by leaks.

Excessive accumulation of moisture due to faulty overlaps or unsecured roof components can bring about a massive infestation of molds and mildew.

Aside from its obvious negative visual impact to your home’s interior, the biggest concern is you and your family’s respiratory health.


  • Shingle Granule Loss

Granule loss on even a single shingle is a clear indicator that your roof is past due for repairs or replacement. Not only is it an eyesore to see a bald patch but it’s also most likely to be where leaks originate.

This natural erosion happens overtime leaving you with bare asphalt shingles shining like a negative beacon telling people your house needs repairs.

You don’t want that.


  • Structural Problems

Structurals problems happens overtime or through human error. Whichever the case, it’s effects on your home’s roof is going to become more evident as time passes.

Since your roof is compromised, adding a new roof layer is detrimental to the entire structure as additional weight laid onto the top could cause further damage or collapse the supporting beams.

A complete tear away and replacement (provided minor or major repairs are done first to improve the building’s soundness are completed) is advised at this point.


  • Other Forms Of damage

We all know how NZ’s weather can change at the drop of the hat. In some places, these atmospheric changes are more drastic.

UV Damage from excessive sun exposure, Water damage, Snow, Hail these are just some of the major reasons why roofs get damaged. Accidental slippage or incomplete roof repairs can also contribute to roof damage.

Because you deal directly with the owner who supervises the entire operation, we can ensure 100% guaranteed high quality workmanship.

We strictly adhere to the NZ health and safety regulations and our clean safety track record speaks for itself.

Although we are a small company, we operate in a big way. With us, you get more roof for less money!

We offer a wide range of options and products.  We’ll present all the options and make a recommendation during our initial assessment and you can then choose which roofing product works best for you.

Contact us for a quote today. No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us.